Dr Paul Glynne

General Medicine

I specialise in complex diagnostic work and have many years’ experience investigating unusual or unexplained symptoms. Taking a step back to consider the whole patient is always so important and patients who come to me can be confident that all necessary diagnostic tests will be performed quickly, enabling them to start an effective course of treatment without delay.

Dr Paul Glynne gained his medical degree at University College London, completing his clinical training at University College London Hospital (UCLH) and The Hammersmith Hospital, specialising in General Medicine and Critical Care. 

He has been active in research and focused on acute renal failure in patients with sepsis for his PhD at Imperial College.

He is a long-established Consultant Physician at UCLH, where he previously served as Medical Director. 

Dr Paul Glynne is a founding Medical Director of The Physicians’ Clinic. He has a busy general medical practice in the private sector and as Consultant Physician at UCLH.

Consultant Physician at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Availability for Consultations 

Mon: Video only am / pm
Tue: In clinic pm
Wed: In clinic am 
Thu: In clinic pm 
Fri: No clinic 

Dr Paul Glynne receives a salary for his part time employed role as Medical Director at The Physicians’ Clinic and for Acute Care across HCA Healthcare. Dr Paul Glynne has a financial interest in the Devonshire Diagnostic Centre Limited

Type of patient Initial consultation (45 minutes) Follow up consultation (30 minutes)
Self pay £375 £250
Insured Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies* Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies*


Prescription fees (outside consultation): £30.00

Referral letter fees (outside consultation): £50.00

Letter for employer (outside consultation): £30.00

Insurance claims reports (excl. private medical insurance requests): £250.00

Please note – a medical referral for new patient referrals is required.

* If your policy covers consultations, there will be no shortfall to pay (but you may have an excess on your policy). Please also note that some policies do not cover consultations – always check your policy conditions or contact with your insurer as necessary.

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