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Haematology is the branch of medicine that deals with blood disorders. These range from cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow, to more common problems such as anaemia.

Haematology at The Physicians’ Clinic focuses on accurate diagnosis of:

  • The major haematological cancers: leukaemia, myeloma and lymphoma. Management of patients with a positive diagnosis can be provided by our haematology experts, but usually requires inpatient treatment at one of our associated private hospitals.
  • Anaemia: this causes tiredness, weakness and lethargy and is due to a reduction in the efficiency with which the body can take up oxygen into the blood. The most common type is iron-deficiency anaemia, but there are other rarer forms including haemolytic anaemia, aplastic anaemia and pernicious anaemia, which is caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12.
  • Thrombosis, including deep vein thrombosis: clots in the veins that can break off, travel round the body, and cause problems when they lodge in smaller blood vessels and block them. This can result in a heart attack, a stroke, or an embolism.
  • Blood clotting disorders that are inherited: these include haemophilia and sickle cell disease, both of which can now be managed effectively on an outpatient basis. We can also offer diagnosis and management for rarer conditions, including Von Willebrand disease.
  • Iron overload haemochromatosis: a condition in which the body absorbs excess iron from food and then stores it, causing unpleasant digestive system symptoms and, more seriously, heart failure and liver disease.
  • Platelet disorders: thrombocytopaenia and thrombocytosis, for example.

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