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Radiology at The Physicians’ Clinic

The Physicians’ Clinic has a team of dedicated consultant radiologists, supported by technicians, who offer same-day imaging to the vast majority of our patients. Diagnostic facilities available on-site include:

  • Low dose digital X-ray using fast and modern equipment.
  • Ultrasound scanning using one of the latest scanners, which is usually available at short notice throughout the day.
  • CT scanning by our high definition, low dose CT scanner, which produces highly precise and detailed images in minutes.
  • MRI scanning with our three-Tesla scanner, which is one of the latest models available. This is a wide-bore MRI scanner, so less cramped for patients, and can complete a whole body scan in about 40 minutes.

All of our imaging equipment delivers the lowest dose of radiation possible while still producing a highly detailed image. All diagnostic images are available digitally and are interpreted by one of our consultant radiologists in conjunction with your main consultant physician.

For patients, one of the advantages of coming to a private clinic with its own radiology team is that our expertise is available before and after your diagnostic test. Our consultant radiologists can offer advice and guidance about the diagnostic tests that are most suitable in your case, and they will discuss the results directly with your consultant. Digital images can also be sent all over the world, allowing us to liaise with physicians in the home country of our international patients.


Interventional radiology available at The Physicians’ Clinic

Our consultant radiologists are fully trained interventional radiologists, which means they can also use CT and ultrasound imaging to provide:

  • Image guided biopsies to remove samples from nodes, cysts and thyroid tissue, for example.
  • Image-guided injections, such as joint injections for pain relief.
  • Stent insertion directly into blood vessels to treat and prevent pulmonary embolism.
  • X-ray guided, catheter directed thrombolysis to blood clots that have been detected in blood vessels.

Minor procedures can take place at The Physicians’ Clinic but if you are likely to require a recovery period after your procedure, you will be under our care at The Harley Street Clinic or one of the other private hospitals nearby.

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