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Our facilities for diagnostic tests

The Physicians' Clinic is situated at 13-14 Devonshire Street where we have access to the most up-to-date diagnostic facilities available. Our physicians have fast access to a range of imaging techniques and can often offer patients a CT scan or an X-ray on the day of their consultation. If having tests onsite there may be a short wait, but patients have the peace of mind of knowing that their symptoms are being investigated as soon as possible. After discussing the findings with the relevant radiologist, your consultant should be able to see you after your scan, so that your treatment plan can be put in place. 

X-rays on demand

If your consultant recommends an X-ray, and you choose to have this done onsite, we can usually offer this on the same day. You will be asked to wait in the comfortable waiting area until the equipment is free, and then one of our staff will bring you downstairs to the X-ray room. All X-rays are done at a low dose, and digital images are available instantly for analysis.

CT scanning

We have access to a high definition CT scanner that uses a low dose of X-rays to produce a detailed image. Use of low dose CT scanning is particularly important when we are performing screening tests, such as cardiac imaging. You can be reassured that your exposure to X-rays will be kept to a minimum, even if you need follow up scanning. 

MRI scanning

We have the latest, state-of-the-art, 3-tesla MRI scanner, which is available for neuroimaging, full body imaging and musculo-skeletal diagnosis. The scanner is the most powerful available for clinical use and it shortens the scan time considerably. We are keen to make sure that patients have the most pleasant MRI scan possible therefore if you are having your scan done onsite, so we offer constant reassurance and a choice of music for you to listen to during your time in the scanner. Some patients can feel claustrophobic, but with a whole body scan in our wide-bore scanning taking as little as 40 minutes, most can tolerate the test. 

Ultrasound scanning

This is a very quick and easy test to do, and can be completed within half an hour. Our consultant radiologists can use the ultrasound scanner purely for diagnostics, but they are also experienced in interventions such as joint injections and image-guided biopsies. 

Specific diagnostics tests available

Depending on your diagnostic requirements, tests are often conducted within The Physicians' Clinic itself or at a nearby private facility. You can find more detail on:


Our Available Diagnostic Tests

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