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Paying your consultation fees

You will be charged a consultation fee for each consultation you have. Consultation
fees for our physicians are shown on our website. In addition, fee information is
available on request from each consultant's secretary and please do feel free to
ask when you make an appointment if you have any questions. If you have private
medical insurance your fees may be met by your medical insurance provider,
but this is not always guaranteed.

We advise you to check if your consultation is covered and you will need
pre-authorisation (see below). If you are a self-paying patient, your consultation
fees are payable directly to your consultant physician.

Medical insurance and pre-authorisation

If you have private medical insurance you must obtain pre-authorisation
for your consultation before coming in for your appointment.
This usually involves seeing your GP (NHS or private) to obtain a referral letter
and then contacting your medical insurer.

What happens if I need diagnostic tests?

When you have a consultation, your physician may recommend that you have
further tests, which may include an X-ray or a scan. Your physician will advise you
as to the best options for you in having a test.

Please note that if you have CT or MRI scans arranged on our premises, the provider of these
tests is the Harley Street Clinic and not The Physicians' Clinic. This is important
as you might be asked this by your private medical insurer when seeking
pre-authorisation for your tests. We can perform these within the clinic,
often on the same day.

Although your medical insurer may have authorised your initial consultation,
they will also need to pre-authorise:

  • Your scan or further tests.
  • Any admission to hospital.
  • More complex treatment if that is clinically necessary.

We cannot obtain that authorisation for you but we can provide a telephone for
you to call your medical insurer while you are in clinic. We can also provide any
information they require.

The Physicians' Clinic and HCA International

Our physicians are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and we
support the GMC's policy on transparency for patients. We therefore declare openly
The Physicians' Clinic is a subsidiary of HCA International Ltd.

A convenient service for patients

Our facilities at The Physicians' Clinic allow us to offer the diagnostic tests, treatments
and services that our patients need all under one roof. 

Our Physicians are also able to use the diagnostic facilities at the co-located
Harley Street Diagnostic Centre which provides x-ray, CT and MRI equipment.

Our temporary opening hours are now from Monday – Friday 08.00 – 20.00


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