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Our personal approach creates a seamless patient experience

Your patient journey begins when you first make contact with us to book in with one of our consultants. From that moment, we will guide and care for you throughout your visits here, your tests and any follow up treatment, right up to the moment when you are discharged, and hopefully well again. 

What happens when you come to The Physicians’ Clinic?

Tim Strawbridge, Chief Executive Officer, The Physicians' Clinic


When you make an appointment at The Physicians’ Clinic for the first time, one of our secretaries will talk through your registration on the phone, filling in our registration form.

As you arrive at the clinic, you will come straight through to reception to be greeted by one of our team of receptionists.

After settling you into the comfortable waiting area and offering you tea or coffee, you will be given your completed registration form to check through so that we can be absolutely sure that your details are correct.


Our one-stop approach for private patients

In most cases, if your consultant recommends blood tests, an ultrasound scan, an MRI or other imaging investigation, you can have this on the same day, usually with only a short wait. Your consultants will explain why you need to have the test, what it entails and where you can have the test done based on your diagnostic requirements.

Once the diagnostic team is ready for you, you will be escorted to the treatment room (for blood tests or cardiac assessment) or the imaging suite (for X-rays, MRI scanning, ultrasound investigations, or CT scanning). Here the technical staff will explain exactly what will happen during the test and what to expect. They realise that although they carry out these scans day in and day out, this is a new and often daunting experience for patients.

When you have an MRI scan, for example, we will give you a choice of music that we can play during your scan, and we talk to you constantly during the test, telling you exactly what is happening, what the machine is doing, how much longer things will take and giving you as much support as possible.


Flexibility and convenience

The Physicians’ Clinic is open from 8am each weekday morning and consultations are available until 8pm in the evening, and from 9am until 6pm on a Saturday. Some of our consultants also have clinics on Sundays.

Because you can usually have any necessary diagnostic tests on the same day as your consultation, this means fewer visits, which helps you fit caring for your health in with your busy schedule of work, home and social commitments.


What happens next?

If you need treatment, your treatment plan will be discussed and put in place before you leave. This may mean taking medication from a prescription, or having follow-up appointments, maybe a referral to another specialist, or admission to hospital.

Whatever the outcome, we will help make all the arrangements for follow up consultations and referrals. If you need to be admitted to the most appropriate private hospital for your needs, we will arrange your transfer, setting up your bed allocation and making sure everything is ready for you.

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"Every one of our patients is important to us and we do our utmost to make their patient journey as stress free as possible…”

Tim Strawbridge, Chief Executive Officer, The Physicians' Clinic