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Our personal approach creates a seamless patient experience

To meet the needs of private patients

By establishing The Physicians’ Clinic we aimed to fill a significant gap that had developed in private healthcare provision in central London.

In Harley Street and the surrounding area, private physicians and consultants are plentiful, but most of them work independently and their services can be quite fragmented.

Patients see their consultant in his or her consulting rooms and then travel around to different buildings within the local area, having a blood test here, an MRI scan there, and then need a second appointment days later to get their results. Our one-stop clinic puts an end to all that.

Everything is in the same building, which is one of the best-equipped private physician-led outpatient and diagnostic centres in central London.


To combine convenience with clinical excellence

We saw the opportunity to provide a cohesive medical practice that brings together leading private physicians from the major medical specialties, under one roof.

Our patients can see their physician, have their diagnostic tests done in our building, and then often return within hours to find out the outcome. Less waiting, less worrying and less stress.


To improve our service to patients through close teamwork

We sought out the best private physicians within our different medical specialties, all of whom are experienced and well-respected NHS consultants, and invited them to join the collaborative teams at The Physicians’ Clinic.

Our vision is to give specialists the time, space and facilities to confer, discuss and share their expertise both within medical specialties and in multidisciplinary teams.


To provide the best medical technology and facilities

It was obvious that excellent private physicians need excellent facilities, which is why we have established The Physicians’ Clinic at 13-14 Devonshire Street, within the Harley Street Clinic Diagnostic Centre hosted by HCA International. Waiting areas, consulting rooms and outpatient areas are well-appointed and comfortable and we have the latest medical technology,  including dual-source CT angiography equipment, MRI scanning and cardiology testing facilities.


To give each patient a personal and seamless journey

Experiencing an illness or worrying about symptoms can be highly stressful. We share your urgency to find out what the problem is, which is why we try to make your patient experience at The Physicians’ Clinic as seamless as possible. Why wait a week or more for test results when you can come here and have your consultation, tests and follow-up appointment usually within a day?

Even if your case is complex, and you need more extensive investigation or you need to see another specialist private physician, we run a fast-track appointment system between medical specialties so that you can begin your treatment without delay.

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