Dr Michael Beckles

Long Covid, Respiratory Medicine

Medical interests: Acute medicine, acute respiratory conditions, pneumonia, asbestos-related lung disease, lung cancer and sarcoidosis. Specialist in bronchoscopy.

I am very actively involved in acute medicine, currently participating in a consultant-led one in four on-call service at the Royal Free Hospital. I am therefore very familiar with the acute presentation of the variety of medical problems and their management. Consequently, I am involved both in inpatient care and follow-up in the outpatient clinic. Expertise Accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensure that each patient receives the correct treatment. I see patients with a variety of acute respiratory and general medical diagnoses, such as pneumonia, breathlessness, a new or persistent cough and patients who present coughing up blood (haemoptysis). I have a particular interest in asbestos-related lung diseases, bronchoscopy, lung cancer and sarcoidosis. I have also contributed to national and international guidelines on the management of patients with lung cancer.

Dr Michael Beckles was educated in London and studied medicine in Manchester. He completed his postgraduate training in hospitals in and around Manchester and London.  


Consultant Physician in Respiratory and Acute Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and also an Honorary Consultant Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London.


Availability for Consultations Mon: Tue: Wed: In Clinic / 3.15 – 7.00pm Thu: Fri: In Clinic / 3.15 – 7.00pm Sat: *other times may be available for request


Self Pay Initial consult: £300 (up to 60 minutes) Follow up: £200 (30 minutes) Insured Initial consult: Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies Follow up: Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companie * If your policy covers consultations, in most cases, there will be no shortfall to pay (but you may have an excess liability on your policy). Please note however, some policies do not cover the full cost of consultations, and there may be a shortfall to pay. In that instance, it is the responsibility of the patient to pay the shortfall in full. Please always check your policy conditions or contact your insurer as necessary.  

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