Professor Pierre-Marc Gilles Bouloux

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Medical interests: General Endocrinology, diabetes mellitus and reproductive disorders.



I adopt a holistic view in practising medicine, and this is underpinned by the importance I have attached to maintaining my ‘general physician hat’ throughout my career, as well as recognising the importance of psychological factors in disease. I converse in several languages, including French (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Russian, and a little Arabic. I ride a Honda CBR 66cc.


  1. Diagnosis and management of neuro-endocrine disorders of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis.
  2. Reproductive disorders in males and females. Induction of spermatogenesis, ovulation induction
  3. Andrological disorders, including erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy including Testosterone implants
  4. Medical (immunosuppressive) management of dysthyroid eye disease
  5. Transitional endocrinology, and puberty induction in patients with hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism
  6. Type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus and their complications


Professor Pierre Bouloux has been the senior endocrinologist at the Royal Free Hospital since 1991, where he set up a number of subspecialty clinics in pituitary disorders, andrology, transitional paediatric endocrinology and dysthyroid eye disease jointly with an ophthalmologist. Professor Bouloux trained at St Bartholomew's Hospital where he was an MRC training fellow, and became a Senior lecturer in Endocrinology, Diabetes and General Medicine in 1991, at the Royal Free Hospital, being promoted to a personal chair in 2004. Professor Bouloux has remained a general physician over his entire consultant career, participating in acute-on-take duties. He has published over 300 peer reviewed articles, and has run a research group for 25 years. This has produced 12 PhDs and 4 MDs. Professor Bouloux's research group has spearheaded research into the genetic basis of reproductive disorders, and one spinoff of this has been the acquisition of expertise in the molecular diagnosis and rational treatment of reproductive disorders in men.


Professor Pierre-Marc Gilles Bouloux's availability for consultations

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In clinic: AM and PM
Clinic times*: 9am - 12pm, 2pm - 5pm
In clinic: AM and PM
Clinic times*: 9am - 12pm, 2pm - 5pm

*Other times may be available on request.


Professor Pierre-Marc Gilles Bouloux: fees

Type of patient Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes) Follow up consultation (up to 60 minutes)
Self pay £280
Insured £280

* If your policy covers consultations, there will be no shortfall to pay (but you may have an excess on your policy). Please also note that some policies do not cover consultations – always check your policy conditions or contact with your insurer as necessary.

Declaration of Interest

Professor Pierre Bouloux has a financial interest in the Devonshire Diagnostic Centre Limited

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