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Web-based global consultations now available

March 26, 2013

Doctors from The Physicians’ Clinic are now able to offer global consultations for travellers and ex-pats supported by private medical insurance provided by GeoBlue and HTH Worldwide. Both US-based medical insurers support global travellers and ex-pats in remote areas. Their video conferencing software has now been installed at The Physicians’ Clinic, and all our doctors have been fully trained to offer online, real-time confidential web-based global consultations for patients insured by GeoBlue or HTH Worldwide who find themselves far away from modern medical facilities. “Some of our members travel to remote areas of the world on business, or stay there on long-term assignments. They may be unable to obtain good quality healthcare or specialist advice on a chronic health condition. In these circumstances, we can deliver a web-based video consultation to them and facilitate a direct link so that they can have a planned virtual and confidential appointment with one of the physicians within the Clinic,” explains Laura Hilton at HTH Worldwide. The medical notes of each patient with an arranged video consultation are sent through to the appropriate physician, who reviews their case and their immediate concerns before conducting a 15 to 20 minute online appointment. This is arranged by staff at the insurance company, but the global consultation itself is private and secure. Both physician and patient can see each other on a computer monitor in real time and can discuss the problem and its likely solution. The connection used is a secure and high definition link that provides video and audio and that is fully compliant with the USA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which represents the highest level of security for patient information. Our physicians can provide a second opinion across the twelve medical specialties on anon-urgent basis. “The service is not intended to be used in an emergency and we don’t envisage physicians in London prescribing to a patient in Africa, but their expert advice can then be used to obtain the necessary medication from a local prescribing doctor,” adds Laura. Medications can also be shipped to patients via a specialised international pharmacy service. Patients with chronic conditions are particularly keen to have peace of mind when they travel. Being able to consult directly with an expert physician who can provide a second opinion helps them to feel much more comfortable. Dr Paul Glynne, Founder Director at The Physicians’ Clinic said: “The software and infrastructure provided through GeoBlue and HTH Worldwide, combined with the collective medical expertise of our physicians, will enable us to provide a high quality remote consultation service to insured patients anywhere in the world.”

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