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We are founders of the UCL Physicians’ Circle

May 09, 2013

The Physicians’ Clinic has become the first group of doctors to support the UCL Physicians’ Circle. This new fund will allow patients or their relatives to donate to medical research, secure in the knowledge that it is being put to good use. UCL – University College London – has an excellent reputation for medical research and all of gifts donated to the fund will go to extending our knowledge in key areas. “We wanted to respond to patients who express a wish to donate funds for medical research. The UCL Physicians' Circle makes the process uncomplicated as well as interesting…” said Dr Paul Glynne, Founder Director, The Physicians' Clinic. We hope to encourage other physicians from other institutions to join with us. As founding members of the Circle, doctors at The Physicians’ Clinic intend to form a small hub around which a much larger circle of philanthropy will develop. The UCL Physicians’ Circle is managed entirely by the UCL Development Office; The Physicians’ Clinic receives no donations and no funds: 100% of the donations go to medical research.

Why do we support the UCL Physicians’ circle?

The UCL Physicians’ Circle was formed jointly by UCL and The Physicians’ Clinic in response to requests from patients and it will continue the great tradition of medical philanthropy here in the UK. In 2012, health charities in Britain received over £4 billion from charitable donations. This vast amount of money, which has boosted medical research significantly, was not made up of corporate gifts or donations from major companies; most of it came from individuals, either patients or their loved ones, who wanted to give something back. The Physicians’ Clinic has over 35 consultants working across a dozen specialties, providing expert diagnosis and medical care to private patients. All our physicians have received enquiries from patients who wish to donate to medical research, either to further investigations into their own condition, to honour a family member or to mark their appreciation for the work of their physician.

What does the UCL Physicians’ Circle do?

The Physicians’ Circle provides a direct route for patients to set up a one-off or a series of regular donations. The money raised will go to strategic medical research projects funded by the UCL Development fund. As well as organising the collection and administration of gifts, the UCL Physicians’ Circle fund provides donors with information about medical research. Both UCL and The Physicians’ Clinic will be presenting case studies on their respective websites during 2013 to show exactly where the gifts go and the good that they are doing.

How do patients benefit?

Our patients who want to make gifts through The UCL Physicians’ Circle may not benefit directly from the research that their donations pay for. They will be certain, however, that their donations are being put to good use and that the money raised is helping develop better treatments for other patients in the future. Their donation will be the start of an interesting journey that will enable them to interact directly with researchers at the cutting edge of medical science in the UK.

Notes for editors

About the UCL Physicians’ Circle

The UCL Physicians’ Circle is grateful for all gifts to support medical research. Funds raised will be used to support the world class research at UCL that aims to find new treatments for common and devastating diseases. UCL has a long and rich history of breakthroughsin medical science and with the help of funds such as the Physicians’ Circle, we can continue to make life changing discoveries.

About The Physicians’ Clinic

The Physicians’ Clinic was founded in 2011 and we now have over 35 consultants working across 12 specialties, providing expert diagnosis and medical care to private patients. Dr Paul Glynne, Founder Director and Founding Partner of The Physicians’ Clinic, was formerly Medical Director at UCLH. With his colleagues, he offers a one-stop clinic approach, often providing same-day diagnostic tests and follow up consultations for patients with busy schedules. The Clinic is the only private medical practice to have a 365 day per year acute admissions service for private patients, accessible through their GP.

About UCL (University College London)

Founded in 1826, UCL was the first English university established after Oxford and Cambridge, the first to admit students regardless of race, class, religion or gender and the first to provide systematic teaching of law, architecture and medicine. We are among the world's top universities, as reflected by our performance in a range of international rankings and tables. According to the Thomson Scientific Citation Index, UCL is the second most highly cited European university and the 15th most highly cited in the world. UCL has nearly 25,000 students from 150 countries and more than 9,000 employees, of whom one third are from outside the UK. The university is based in Bloomsbury in the heart of London, but also has two international campuses – UCL Australia and UCL Qatar. Our annual income is more than £800 million. www.ucl.ac.uk | Follow us on Twitter @uclnews | Watch our YouTube channel YouTube.com/UCLTV

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