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Two new professors at The Physicians' Clinic

October 07, 2013
The Physicians’ Clinic, the leading medical chambers in central London, has a team of over 40 leading physicians, many of whom are international leaders in their chosen medical field. We already have Professor John Axford (Rheumatology), Professor Chris Bunker (Dermatology), Professor Michael Hanna (Neurology), Professor John Pasi, Professor Malcolm Rustin and Professor Anthony Warrens. In August, University College London announced that Dr Sam Janes will become Professor of Respiratory Medicine and that Dr Alan Salama will become Professor of Nephrology.

Professor Sam Janes

My role is to run a new lung cancer research centre based at University College London aiming to detect and treat early lung cancers and try to improve the poor outlook for lung cancer patients. We perform laboratory based studies and clinical trials. One of our trials that is about to be published shows that a novel bronchoscopy technique (endobronchial ultrasound - EBUS) can be used to diagnose and stage lung cancer patients twice as quickly as usual and improve their survival. My group also studies other lung diseases and I have published across a wide range of lung problems including lung infection, airways diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma and rarer diseases such as sarcoidoisis. "It is great news for me personally and for our Lung Cancer Centre to have this important recognition."

Professor Alan Salama

Professorships are generally given to people to recognise achievements in teaching, or research or their public engagement- all of which is meant to benefit the university and this promotion recognizes that. In my case my appointment was for my research and teaching. I have an active research laboratory investigating immune mediated kidney disease - specifically with an interest in autoimmune systemic vasculitis and glomerulonephritis. We have been trying to define better ways of predicting who may relapse and who may remain in remission, so that we may customise treatment and reduce side effects from drugs. We're currently starting a large NIH funded trial on defining the basis of immunological tolerance in patients with vasculitis, in the hope that we could better define who can actually stop their immunosuppressive drugs. I am also trying to understand how we may better harness the natural regulatory pathways that serve healthy people well but have broken down in patients. “My feeling on this new title is that I am still not quite used to it and am not sure I am worthy of it- so much more hard work needed.”

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