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Professor Qasim Aziz

July 09, 2014

Professor Qasim Aziz, Neurogastroenterologist, has joined The Physicians’ Clinic within its Gastroenterology specialty. Professor Qasim Aziz specialises in disease of the gut that affect its nervous system, muscles and connective tissue. He also specialises in gut symptoms that occur due to abnormal communication between the brain and the gut such as in stress.

The patients he sees most commonly are those with complex unexplained gastrointestinal disorders. He works in a multidisciplinary way with pain specialists, dieticians and psychologists. He has access to sophisticated diagnostic techniques to investigate gut function and use these to guide treatment. Dr Paul Glynne, Founder Director at The Physicians's clinic commented “Professor Aziz brings with him a wealth of experience in a growing and important area of Gastroenterology.

This complements our team of Gastroenterology specialists to offer arguably the most comprehensive Gastroenterology service in the private healthcare sector. We are delighted that professor Aziz has joined The Physicians' Clinic”. Professor Aziz has obtained national and international awards for his research the two most important being the British Society of Gastroenterology Research Gold Medal and the American Gastroenterology Association, Janssen Award for Basic and Clinical Research.

He has published numerous original articles in reputed medical journals such as Nature Medicine, Nature Neuroscience, Lancet and Gastroenterology. He has made many pioneering discoveries; most recently he demonstrated an association between the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a non inflammatory connective tissue disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms in functional gastrointestinal disorders.

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