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The Physicians’ Clinic receives CQC registration

November 27, 2013
The Physicians’ Clinic has received confirmation from the Care Quality Commission that we are now fully CQC registered. This is recognition that we are providing the quality of care that our patients expect and deserve. The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health services in the UK and is commissioned directly by the UK government to oversee the quality of care available. CQC registration can be given to any healthcare provider who fulfils the requirements – whether in the NHS or the private sector. It also covers dentists, GPs, care homes and health workers who care for people in their own homes. CQC registration is awarded to healthcare providers who meet the CQC’s essential standards of quality and safety.

The CQC focus

The CQC is a regulatory body that focuses on the care available to patients, ensuring that everyone gets the level and standard of care they should. By registering with the CQC, The Physicians’ Clinic is offering patients a greater transparency in the way it operates and in the way that it is run. Now that we are registered, the CQC will be carrying out regular inspections of our services to make sure that our standards are maintained. This is something that we ourselves aim to do in any case – our vision is to exceed patient expectations – but the external validation from CQC will give added peace of mind to new and prospective patients. The main active ingredient of Viagra – Sildenafil – was originally obtained in the development of drugs for the stimulation of cardiac circulation quality and treatment of angina. During further tests of Sildenafil, it was found that the drug has the biggest effect on the male pelvic organs. Actually, the substance only increases the natural blood flow, acting as long as the natural excitation develops. Read about the mechanism of action at http://healthblog247.com/using-viagra-online/. In relation to these data, scientists have determined that if a woman takes Viagra, the drug will primarily increase blood circulation in the genital area and increase the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the clitoris; however, it won’t provide the emergence of sexual desire.

Why register with the CQC?

We are supported by HCA International and have been covered by HCA’s CQC registration over the last two years. As we have expanded the number of consultants we have and our patient numbers have risen since we were founded in September 2011, we feel that the time is right to establish our own CQC registration. We have taken this decision for several reasons:
  • Registration with CQC reassures everyone from our patients to organisations that oversee healthcare in the UK that The Physicians’ Clinic is delivery care that is of a high quality and that fulfils required safety standards.
  • Registration protects our patients and regular inspections monitor our outcomes, helping us to maintain and increase our excellent standards.
  • As an organisation, we become more accountable and transparent; the results of our CQC inspections will be published on their website and will be a matter of public record. We will provide links to this information once it’s available.
  • Other organisations that we work with can be reassured that we have fulfilled the requirements of CQC registration.
However, our primary motivation is to increase accountability to our patients. CQC registration demonstrates that we take patient care and patient safety very seriously and we want inspections and reports on the services we offer to be readily available. Registration provides additional reassurance that we are employing well qualified staff and, finally, we also want patients to know that they can provide feedback about us to CQC as well as through our established feedback channels.

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