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The Physicians’ Clinic now has a responsive website

May 22, 2013
Mashable, the highly credible source of information about the latest in what's happening with web design has concluded that 2013 will be the year that responsive websites come into their own. Several large corporates have recently upgraded to a fully responsive website and The Physicians’ Clinic has become one of the first in the private healthcare sector to launch theirs. Our fully functional website now detects the type of device on which it is being viewed and changes automatically to give the best user experience. We have a tap and show/tap and hide menu that allows you to control your journey through the site and access the information you want to read, quickly and easily. All of the content on the main site is accessible in the responsive version.

365acuteonipadTraffic trends on the go 

The general trend towards viewing websites on the go is on the up. The Guardian news site has reported in mobile traffic of 63% year on year since 2010 and digital consultancies who track usage show a massive acceleration in mobile and tablet browsing. TPC responsive hand only The most popular devices are iPads, with a huge boost recently provided by the release of the iPad Mini. iPhone 5’s are holding their own but the proportion of people viewing responsive websites on an android or Blackberry has actually declined. Since the launch of the Physicians’ Clinic website last June, we’ve monitored our own traffic, which has grown substantially as the Clinic has become established. In August 2012, we were already getting 1500 hits per month but by the end of April, that had almost trebled to over 4200 hits per month. 23.85% of our traffic over that period has come from mobile devices. The proportion of people coming into the site on a mobile phone or tablet has been increasing, so this was the time to launch our responsive website. Over 85% of our visitors on-the-go are using an Apple iPad or an Apple iPhone.

Features of The Physicians’ Clinic responsive website

The clear lines and accessibility that are a feature of our main site have been transferred over to the small screen.
  • A tappable menu bar at the top of each page provides easy navigation and can be hidden again instantly.
  • Pictures and graphics display on larger screens but are hidden on mobiles.
  • GPs can access the referral form for patients and our responsive site is just as secure as our main site, protected by green bar SSL security.
  • Patients can also use the appointment form and our contact us page shows an expandable Google map to help you find us.

Our temporary opening hours are now from Monday – Friday 08.00 – 20.00


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