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Dr Carl Brookes comments on the impact of refined sugar

March 15, 2016

Those of you who caught the ITV series 'Sugar Free Farm' will no doubt have been fascinated by the addictive nature of refined sugar and its impact not only on mental and physical health but also on dentistry - who wouldn't want to be a dentist at the moment?

As the 'Chaser' bravely demonstrated the damage is not only skin deep, it has effects on all our internal organs and being very obese is known to shorten lifespans by 7 years on average.

The 'cure' is multi factorial - modern medicine and The Physicians' Clinic can deal with most of the consequences but the ability to change is complex, largely psychosocial and has to come from within.

If you are feeling the impact of the effects of refined sugar and would like to address your medical issues with one of our consultants please click here to book an appointment.

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