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Dr Amanda Varnava to be Chief Investigator for study on cardiac sarcoid

December 13, 2019

Dr Amanda Varnava, Consultant Cardiologist at The Physicians’ Clinic, is to be the UK Chief Investigator for an International study into the treatment of cardiac sarcoid. Led by Dr Birnie, the world authority on this condition, the Canadian study CHASM aims to assess the optimal treatment for patients found to have cardiac disease due to the inflammatory condition known as sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis can affect many parts of the body including the lungs and eyes, but in up to 40% of patients with this condition, the heart can also be affected. Researching the optimal treatment is an important goal to avoid the serious complications that can occur if cardiac sarcoid is not managed effectively.

Read further on sarcoidosis here: https://www.sarcoidosisuk.org/SarcoidosisUKFiles/PatientInformation/Leaflets/Medical/SarcoidosisUK%20Leaflet%20-%20Overview.pdf

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