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Do you want to help support UK medical research?

In the UK, we understand how giving to medical research can help and we are good at doing it. Last year (2012), charitable donors gave well over £4 billion to support health charities. Many of these donors were individuals, not companies or corporations.

Many of our patients and their relatives have been telling us that they would like to give something back to medical research.

Some want to give a gift in memory of a loved one, others want to honour a physician who has provided successful treatment, some want to leave a gift in their will. Many are unsure how to go about it.


The Physicians’ Clinic can help

Our physicians also feel the need to contribute to the research that allows us to provide better diagnostics and therapies for our patients. As quite a few of us were trained at University College London (UCL) and have directly benefited from the work done there, we have chosen to contribute to a special fund set up by UCL.


The UCL Physicians’ Circle

Working with the UCL fundraising specialists, we helped to develop the UCL Physicians’ Circle to provide a route for our patients and their families to make donations if they wish to.

The Physicians’ Clinic is the first private medical practice to collaborate with an academic research provider in this way to raise money for medical research.

We hope that other physicians and groups will join the circle and that this circle will be the first of many. In the future, we hope to support other research organisations through a variety of funding pathways.


How to give through the UCL Physicians’ Circle

When patients or relatives approach us and ask how they can give to medical research we can now offer them the chance to do so directly through the UCL Physicians’ Circle.

The size and frequency of the gift is completely at your discretion and The Physicians’ Clinic itself will not benefit in any way.

UCL’s Development Office manages the UCL Physicians’ Circle and all donations are made directly to the fund.

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